Expertly Qualified Sales Appointments

For over 15 years, The Appointment Source (formerly DevSol Ltd.) has been providing sales teams in many industries with expertly qualified sales appointments. These are not merely "leads" but qualified and confirmed appointments that your salespeople then have the opportunity to close. More than half the battle in any sale is just getting in the door. The Appointment Source accomplishes this first and most important part of the sales process so that your people can focus on presenting your goods and services and closing the sale.

Fresh Opportunities in Your Pipeline

Sales professionals often don't have the time to cold-call to generate fresh opportunities. They are busy writing proposals and following up on prior sales calls. Meanwhile, the all-important pipeline becomes empty. The Appointment Source helps you avoid these dips in the sales cycle by keeping a steady flow of fresh opportunities in your pipeline at all times.

Build Long Lasting Relationships

Our service helps your company build a relationship with your prospect. We present your company with unparalleled professionalism and courtesy, setting the stage for a great introduction and increasing your chances of closing the deal by creating a great first impression. Many of our introductions have helped create client-vendor relationships that last for years.

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The Appointment Source keeps your business growing

Here's how:

We deliver expertly qualified appointments to your sales manager
We consistently generate fresh opportunities
We keep your sales pipeline full
We allow your sales team to focus on selling
We build relationships with your company and lateral industries