Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a inquiry about The Appointment Source that is not covered below, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will respond promptly.

Do you sell lead lists?
No, we work directly with your sales team and contact prospects directly on your behalf in order to schedule a sales call or introductory meeting.
How much do you charge per appointment?
We do not charge by the appointment. We contract with your firm for a specific period of time and work with your team to build a pipeline of projects and schedule expertly qualified sales calls.
Do you charge commissions?
There are no commissions or hidden fees.
Why should we use your service? I feel more comfortable having a person working under my supervision.
We are professionals who know how to reach people who are often very difficult to contact. Most salespeople don't have the skill set to reach the appropriate contact and schedule a meeting. Because we are an outsourced contractor, your company saves considerable money by not incurring the high costs of health insurance, social security, disability and unemployment insurance, and the numerous other expenses of in-house employees.
Will you represent another mover (furniture vendor, project manager) in my area?
No, that would be a conflict of interest and unethical. We contract with only one vendor in a specific field (e.g. telecom, relocation services) in a specific city or region.
How many appointments will you book for us per week?
It is not possible to predict precisely how many appointments can be booked per week. Each industry's timeline is different. We will make a qualified projection of how many appointments we can produce based on your industry type.