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Sage Software Relocation Project

CLIENT: Technology Consulting Firm
WHAT WE DID: Jan. 2010-The Appointment Source obtains information that Sage plans to relocate 400 employees from their Irvine office space. Follow up calls verify that the client is in the process of selecting a new building.
Feb. thru May 2010-The Appointment Source makes regular follow up calls to obtain status updates on the project.
June 2010-The Appointment Source schedules a consultation with our client and Sage Software.
Aug. 2010-Our client signs an agreement to provide their services to Sage for their employee relocation.
OUTCOME: Our client wins the bid.

eHarmony Relocation Project

CLIENT: Technology Consulting Firm
WHAT WE DID: Oct. 2009-The Appointment Source learns of a planned relocation of 275 employees via our network. We contact the eHarmony facilities manager and send our client's company bio and references.
Nov. 2009 thru Aug. 2010-The Appointment Source makes follow up calls every month to get updates on project status. Facilities Manager provides updated information and assures us that our client will have the opportunity to bid.
Sept. 2009-Appointment scheduled with eHarmony facilities manager.
Oct. 2009-Our client is notified that they have been selected for the project.
OUTCOME: Our client wins the bid.

On Assignment Relocation Project

CLIENT: Office and Industrial Relocation Firm
WHAT WE DID: Sept. 2009-The Appointment Source receives a lead from its network sources of a planned relocation of 300 employees. Contact is established with the project coordinator but he will not commit to a meeting.
The Appointment Source researches the project coordinator and discovers that he has a prior relationship with a project manager that has retained our client many times with great satisfaction. The Appointment Source contacts the third party and requests that he telephone the project coordinator and provide a strong reference, which he does.
Oct. 2009-Due to the strong reference, our client is invited to meet with the prospect and submit their proposal.
Nov. 2009-Contract is awarded to our client.
OUTCOME: Our client wins the bid.

Cathay Bank Furniture Acquisition

CLIENT: Contract Office Furniture Dealership and Project Management Firm
WHAT WE DID: Nov. 2007-The Appointment Source establishes contact with a facilities director with Cathay Bank
Feb. 2007-The Appointment Source obtains a lead through its network sources that Cathay Bank plans a large project at their El Monte, CA offices. The Appointment Source tracks down the design firm in charge of office furniture acquisition and arranges a meeting with our client.
May 2007-Our client closes the sale which entails outfitting a 7-story office building with new office furniture. The cost of furniture is in excess of $4 million.
July 2010-Our client wins the 2010 Calibre Award winning team in the prestigious Large Office category for their work on the Cathay Bank headquarters project in El Monte, CA. The 7 story renovation resulted in a modern 113,000 square foot, Class A facility.
OUTCOME: Our client wins the bid and an award for excellence.

Yum Brands-Taco Bell Campus HQ Relocation Project

CLIENT: Office and Industrial Relocation Firm
WHAT WE DID: Nov. 2007-The Appointment Source establishes contact with a facilities director with Yum Brands-Taco Bell and confirms that a major relocation is in the works at their Irvine campus, which has 3 buildings and close to 700 employees.
Dec. 2007 thru Dec. 2008-After a year of continuous follow-up, the client discloses a planned relocation date and confirms that our client will receive the RFP. During this period the contact person changes numerous times, necessitating diligent and frequent follow up to maintain contact with the decision maker.
May 2009-RFP received and forwarded to our client.
Aug. 2009-Project is awarded to The Appointment Source's client. The scope of work increases as the multi-phase project unfolds. The cost of the project is in excess of $600,000.
OUTCOME: Our client wins the bid.

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