However Important You Think This is…

…multiply by a hundred for its true value. I say this because I have countless tales exactly
like this. Read on…
Client: High end office furniture vendor
Prospect: A technology company (we’ll call them XY Tech) with a big office expansion underway

I reached the person in charge and was told “our architect is handling our office furniture requirement and has already chosen our vendor”. I replied, “Oh, would you mind giving me the name of the firm? We like to stay in touch with architects and interior designers for future reference”. He gave me the architect’s name and phone number. When I phoned, I explained that I had gotten their number from XY Tech and before I could go any further the architect interrupted saying, “I’m really glad you called, here’s what I’m looking for: 45 8×8 cubicles, 2 conference tables, 28 private offices, reception and lobby furniture…” and on and on she went, giving me color specs, fabrics and everything. She even emailed a floor plan along with the complete list of needed furniture. Two weeks later, I found out that my client had won the bid. The takeaway—Always.Follow.Up.

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